Reliance Co-operative

Members are given loan at very minimal rate, and guess what ? Its free to join.

Reliance Estate

For more than 10years, we have been consistent in selling land to average nigerians at a very low rate. and You can buy in instalment

Enuani Mega City

First Green Estate in Nigeria. Imagine having an estate with basket ball court, swimming pool, mini zoo and garden park with adequate security, Roads, water and electricity

Welcome to Reliance Economic Advancement Limited

Our Mission Statement: To create a valuable and outstanding impression on all our stakeholders. We strive to create value for everyone that has something to do with the company

Our Vision: Building a transgenerational and sustainable business. Our main vision is to correct this anomaly in African where we hardly see a business succeeding the founder. We want to develop a business that will have a smooth succession system.

  • R – Reliance: We have total reliance on God and work hard for our customers who rely on us. We work to earn our customers’ trust
  • E- Economic: We are purely a profit-oriented business. We are not running a charity or nonprofit business
  • A – Advancement: This has a star with 5 cones on it meaning that we are advancing five key holders
  • L – Limited: We are a limited liability company, as required by law.
About Us

We have over

20 years of experience

Estate Sold Off
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Facilities We Provide

In Real Co-Operative, We provide

Member's Daily Savings(Thrift)

Our Marketers come to Your shops or office to collect your money from your or you can transfer to our Account directly, You get an Alert Every monday.

Business & Trader Soft Loans

Our goal is to help you expand your business, that why we give loans to businesses and traders at very mimimal interest rate.

House Rent Soft Loans

Are you need of money to pay your house Rent? call us today, we will be there for you.

Back to School Soft Loan

Do you need money to pay school fees for your wards or yourself. At Real Co-operative, We have you covered.

Property & Other Assest Acquisition

We are property developers and we provide loan for people to acquire such while they spread the payment

Medical & Tourist Soft Loan

Are you looking for money for an emergency medical expenses, dont suffer in silence. Real Co-operative gat you covered..